The White House has refused to comment on the number of people who may have accessed classified documents belonging to President Joe Biden that were found in a garage. The documents, which included Biden’s security clearance form, were discovered by a former White House staffer in a box in the garage of a former White House employee.

The discovery of the documents has raised questions about the security of classified information in the White House. The White House has not provided any additional information on the incident, including who may have accessed the documents or how they got into the garage in the first place.

The documents were reportedly found by a former White House staffer who was helping the former employee move out of the garage. The documents were then turned over to the FBI. It is unclear if the FBI is investigating the incident.

The White House has not responded to requests for comment on the incident, including how many people may have accessed the documents. It is also unclear if any disciplinary action has been taken against anyone involved.

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