The White House has refused to comment on how many people could have accessed classified documents related to President Biden that were stored in a garage at the White House complex. The documents, which were reportedly kept in a safe, were discovered by White House staff earlier this month.

The documents are believed to contain sensitive information about the president’s foreign policy agenda and other national security matters. The White House has not disclosed the exact nature of the documents, but has said that they were not classified at the time they were stored in the garage.

The documents were reportedly discovered by White House staff who were conducting a routine security sweep of the premises. The documents were then moved to a secure location, and the White House has not commented on who had access to them prior to that point.

The incident has raised questions about the security of the White House complex and the handling of classified information. The White House has yet to comment on how many people could have accessed the documents or why they were stored in a garage.

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